Application Privacy Policy (Detail Edition)
Barcode Inventory & Email Send   日本語

No. Item Detail
 1 Developer Name
 of the application
 which acquire information
Mobile Station
 Representative: Masanobu Sagara
 2 Items of Acquisition a)The bar code data which user read with a camera.
 b)Sender's mail account setting information.
 c)Master File in External Folder.(User located)
 3 Method of Acquisition a)When user clicked Scan Button.
 b)When user clicked Mail-Send button.
 c)When user clicked Scan Button.
 4 Clear Indication of
 the Purpose of Use
a)It's sent to only the mail transmission destination the user set.
 b)Only a purpose to be connected to mail server.
 c)To find item data.

※At the time of application deletion, a),b) also will be deleted.
  c)Delete the Master File by User.
 5 Information / Publication or Method for acquiring content
 ,Method of participation by users
Described it in 'app privacy policy' in ToolBar-Menu in the first form of the application.
 Please use this application after confirm this app privacy policy, and understanding the contents.
 Everything's function of this application is eliminated by uninstalling the application.
 6 Existence of Send-outside
or Provision to A Third Party
Existence of module
which collect information
The outside transmission is only to the address that user designated.
 1) There is no third party offer entirely.
 2) The intelligence module is not included.
 7 Inquiry Desk 63-9,konba,shinden-chou,
444-3174 JAPAN
  Mobile Station
Representative: Masanobu Sagara
  TEL: +81-50-5316-0980 
 8 Procedure for changing
the Privacy Policy
When we revise a privacy policy, we announce so on Play store. Please confirm it regularly.